The Concept

A company will never be successfull without the commitment of the management, without providing the appropriate amount of resources and without the release of the potentials which are the assets of the company.

The management system, which is to implement and to control the processes within the company makes the backbone and the nervous system of the whole organism.

To build up, to update, and to optimize the right management system is a continuous challenge to each management which can be successfully handled with the support of BIRD's services.

The name BIRD stands for a service offer of a group of internationally experienced freelancers, who are supporting companies on a temporary basis.

Manyfold networks in the business operations need and require evident management systems. More than one hundred nations have accepted the ISO standards for quality management systems to their national standard.

They are in process to be changed significantly in these days. The requirements were completed and streched including now all activities of business life, reaching now far beyond the traditional assurance of product or service quality.

Powerfull branches like the automotive industry have submitted their additional requirements to the supplier base and they expect the completion of all details certified by third party registrars.

BIRD transfers the knowledge and the appropriate methods to activate the potentials which are available in the company to make them a part of the system and thus being a contribution to the increase of the financial power and customer satisfaction.

Services will be tuned according to company specific require-ments working on part time according to the needs of the supported companies. Volume and time schedule of the activities will be determined at the beginning of each contract.


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